October General Meeting set for October


Please join us for pizza and community organizing on drug policy issues with a  San Francisco focus.  The SF Drug Users Union is a membership organization giving a voice to drug users and their allies.    Sf Drug Users’ Union members are working locally within the context of a growing political consensus that the war on drugs has been a huge failure that in fact causes more harm than good.   Our General Meetings is a friendly and democratic environment where we figure out together the best way forward based on what we’ve already accomplished as a community of users and allies.

Don’t get hung up on whether or not you’ve ever been to one of our events before because if  you’ve survived another drug war day; another day of stigmatization from neighbors who know everything except who you are – then you already have the knowledge to get active. .  And yeah, wouldn’t it be wonderful if those “drug user experts in the community” could also stop reading the crime blotter and start reading the US Constitution, but as we all know,  its not about them. Earth to California, this issue is about us drug users.  Continue to ignore them, but never take your personal  power, and our collective potential, for granted. Unless, of course, you are happy with the world as it is.  Then link here.  Everyone else, read on:

Nothing about us, without us!   So come on down to our office at 149 Turk and let’s get it done right.. Maybe we didn’t start this war on drugs, but we sure as hell can stop it.

Our General Meetings start at 5:00pm as an informal gathering (with a light dinner) then at 5:30pm,, the business meeting begins and usually last an hour.  We have many more events through out each month, so be sure to pick up a monthly schedule and get on our email list serv for events that  just can’t wait a whole month for your interest and involvement (see sidebar).

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